Thursday, May 26, 2011


Sometimes, I find the days off my bike are adding up and suddenly have become a whole entire week (gasp!) or more (yikes!) .
Sometimes, the first day (or few days) back on the bike is painful and feels like starting from scratch, with zero fitness.
Sometimes, the hills I have climbed with ease have become steeper and more demanding than anything in my least for a little while.

Sometimes, though, I come back stronger.
Sometimes, I am able to trick myself into feeling fresh after a week (or more, as it were) off the bike.
All I have to do is erase the loop that says, "but, it's been seven eight nine days since I rode...ugh I feel like such a fatass ugh I'm soooo sloooooow's been so long since I rode blah blah blah..."
All I have to do is remember how hard I've been working to eat healthy and sleep well  and take care of myself.
That's all it takes to turn the pedals over with a little more energy, a little more life.

It was great to ride with my's been a while.

I started running again.
It's all part of my plan to not suck it in at the beach this year.
I seriously need some new sneaks.

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k. francis said...

i TOTALLY know the feeling :( ugh!