Thursday, June 2, 2011

4 days later

So, I've decided a concussion feels much like hanging your head upside down for 4 days straight.
An unrelenting, most unpleasant pressure that situates itself mostly on the left side of my head, but doesn't want the rest of my dome to feel left out (thanks, concussion, you've covered it all, way to go)...
yep, that's what it feels like to me.
Luckily, our office was closed Monday and Tuesday, so I only had to plod through the past two days without hurting any patients or embarrassing myself too much.
Man, am I out of sorts.
in a fog.
under a cloud.

I'm sure at my follow-up tomorrow when I ask about racing Sunday, I'll be met with a big fat, "NO."
I love me some Iron Hill Enduro.


sam said...

another symptom of post concussion syndrome is being moody and angry. When I got my concussion a friend of mine who works with the NHL asked me one week later if I was pissed off. I was and had no idea why until I talked to him.

It is best to take it easy for a few weeks. And don't make any major decisions or financial transactions. I still don't remember much from the time my brain was healing.

Best of luck.

Kim said...

thanks, sam...
that makes sense. I thought I was being moody because my head hurts, but have since learned it's part of PCS.
my boss brought me into his office the other day to ask if he did something to offend me because i seemed "aloof"...oops, guess I should have told him about my mishap before the day started. at least I get to spectate at the philly race (can't very well race iron hill on sunday).
thanks again :)