Thursday, June 16, 2011

mapping out the summer

forget-me-nots on the Brandywine

This summer, I have an agenda...a loose agenda, but a plan nonetheless.
This is what I really really really want to do:
  • share my favorite place on the planet (Mohonk Mountain House) with my family
  • paddle down the Brandywine
  • show my dad what the trails at Raystown are all about
  • invite friends over for a barbecue
  • laze on the beach, play Goofy Golf, eat Mack & Manco's, and ride the City Jet in OCNJ (and maybe even buy a tub of Johnson's popcorn...lid off)
  • take Max to NYC even just for a day to check out the dinos and other cool sh*t at the Museum of Natural History
  • picnic at the Laurels
  • take my mom and kid to the snack factory tour at Herr's (yes, seriously)
  • pick raspberries
  • catch some 4th of July fireworks somewhere, anywhere
  • race the Darkhorse 40 again with Bill 
  • enjoy dinner on the back porch every chance we get
This list leaves plenty of room for doing a whole lot of nothing in between little adventures and getaways.
Sounds like a plan, right?
How about you?  

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