Friday, June 3, 2011

yeah, that was a no

Not only am I forbidden to race Iron Hill, it also sounds like I'll be off the trails for a little while.
I knew something was really wrong when I resigned myself to sitting this weekend out before the doctor even told me no mountain biking (let alone racing).
When my appointment ended, I was ushered to the waiting area while my doctor arranged for me to see a neurologist later this morning.
what the?
I just want to sleep and maybe have my left eye stop twitching like this and for this awful pressure to ease up.
even just a little.

Conditions were ideal.
Weather was nearly perfect...maybe a little too hot, but I don't complain about heat.
Trails were dry.
Pace was spirited, but nothing brutal.
I was feeling pretty good.
I was feeling confident.

My worst crash was at Sewell 2008 when I broke my hand, but this was a close second.
How bout you?


Fatmarc Vanderbacon said...

In the mid 90's I had a fork fail while on a trail ride in Jim Thorpe. My face got pretty jacked up. I was concussed pretty badly. It took me a couple of months to feel like I was out of the fog. I still have a scar on my lip from the crash. it was pretty greusome. I have no recollection of the crash, and really sketchy memories of the aftermath... I thought the ambulance got there very quickly, Diane told me later it took forever. I kept asking if I had all my teeth. I remember asking that once, Diane told me I asked her like 20 times... heal well my friend, heal well...


Kim said...

thanks for sharing & thanks for the well-wishes!

JenBob said...

In the fall of 99 I wrecked a motorcycle at a track day at Pocono Raceway. Felt ok. Packed up my broken bike and drove home.

A few days later a co-worker said I was a little wonky and took me to the emergency room for what she thought was a concussion.

The emergency room staff completely humiliated me. Said you can't have a concussion unless you go unconscious (as Marc obviously did, but I had not). Went further and accused me of trying to get prescription drugs for false symptoms.

Whether the unconscious part is true, I never found out, but now I don't go unless it's true for me.

Either way, relax (I realize that's difficult) and let it take its course. Head injuries take their own time.

Kim said...

thanks, bob...
seems the older i get, the easier it is to actually heed a doctor's advice (had this been a few years ago, "take it easy" would have translated to "do the regular race instead of the 4 hour endurance race")...