Sunday, July 17, 2011

Arsenal Crit at the Navy Yard

I watched my dad race today.
He got dropped.
He got lapped.
He's getting ready for cross...cutting back on stuff like cheese and sugar, doing freaking intervals, talking about cross this cross that cross cross cross.
Anyway...his number one, two, three, and four fans were there with cowbells and enthusiasm.
Who cares if he got dropped? He didn't finish last (even if he did, whatever...I seemingly wrote the book on that). He rode a solid ride.
Good for him.

I sure have a lot of pics of BP on the start line in my archives...

double cow bells

me & my mom

We had an excellent weekend and these are the pictures to prove it.

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k. francis said...

you're a great daughter :) and you're soooo lucky to have such an inspiring dad!!!