Saturday, July 2, 2011

babies in our yard

"What's your favorite animal?"
"Oh, you know, I like friends of the forest..."
"Friends of the forest. Um, critters. Owls, bunnies, deer, know."

And how come these adorable little baby bunnies make me want a little baby all of my own again and human babies definitely don't have that effect on me?
What the frig?
It's weird and twisted and I totally get that.
I'm weird, I know.
And, my goodness, babies here, I swear.

Oh, and I also rode my bike today. Apparently, I've been riding a lot lately.
June was packed with riding and running and eating healthy (yet, I just can't seem to shed any of this freaking's driving me ca-razy...I hate the way it feels and I am frustrated that it is going nowhere...sigh).
So, the ride today:
Blue Marsh (minus the "bonus" section, aka Roadkill Hill, etc).
Just shy of 23 miles.
Me, dad, Bill.
Hot day, nice breeze.
Guys, I didn't have any fun (sad pouty face).
Maybe it's the antibiotics, but I just felt so blah.
My legs started to come around at about, oh, mile 20.
It sucked.
No flow whatsoever for me.
Absolute trepidation on every little descent.
I was, however, complimented on my climbing prowess today...phew, cause I felt like such a slothy slouch.
At least the 23 miles ticked by quickly in spite of feeling so crappy on my bike.
It doesn't make do you ride great trails with your favorite people on a sunny July day graced with awesome conditions and good weather and not have any fun?
Ew, just smack me.

After riding the single speed almost exclusively for the past month, I've noticed my riding style has changed (evolved?) a bit.
Pretty sweet after hacking away at this mountain bike thing for the past seven-ish years.
Having said that, I am glad I had gears today.

As always, thanks for reading.

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