Friday, July 29, 2011


My parents are my neighbors so last night, after my son had gone to bed, I called my mom.
It had been a long day.
"Do you have any treats?"
"Um, no...I've been good."
"Ugh. Not even like tasty cakes or a devil dog or some cookies? I'm desperate." My mom always has treats. Wts?
"I have Pop Tarts."
"Ew, no. That's not a treat."
"I have a Charleston Chew in the fridge, you're welcome to it." don't hate...Charleston Chews are awesome and one of my all-time favorite candies. They are not easy to come by, thank goodness.
"I'll be right over."

Walking home, candy bar in hand, I felt like a kid
(except I was walking back to my own house).
My mom saved my day.
(and Bill's, too...cause, man, was I testy)

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k. francis said...

i know i tell you this all the time, but woman, are you lucky!!!!! (i would have taken the pop tart, btw)