Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July Is Nearly Over

I couldn't sleep last night.
I made lists in my head.
Things I want to do when I am off next week.
I tried to think of something thoughtful to bring to Cynthia when we stay at her house this weekend.
I watched Bill and thought about how lucky I am.
I worried about stuff and schemed my way out of some worries.
I wondered why the frig my kid has to be allergic to peanuts.
I thought about Norway.
I thought about that poor boy in NYC who was taken on is way home from camp...wtf??
I thought about summer flying by and the small handful of races I've done.
I dwelled on my DNF at Marsh Creek...I thought about migraines and wondered if maybe I should switch pills or something...I thought about hormones and being on the same pill since I was eighteen (with a brief interim to have a baby)...

yesterday at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, I went to the ER for a migraine cocktail because nothing was helping and I couldn't take it anymore.
The triage nurse took my temp & my vitals & asked me basic medical history questions...
I had a low-grade fever.
She sent me to the waiting room with my latex allergy bracelet and my drug allergy bracelet and my ID bracelet.
I dutifully peed in a cup & the registrar said, "Just put it there." She gestured toward the counter next to her.
"Here? With your pepsi?"
"I'm done that anyway."

I waited for an hour, couldn't get comfortable...the waiting room was loud and bright and crowded.
There was a man with orange sunglasses and super-short cut-off jeans.
He was leering at me and holding a black garbage bag. He kept going outside to smoke.
It was getting louder and brighter and louder and brighter...
I don't remember driving myself home, but I made it back safely.
The headache went away after dinner.

I think I'll ride my bike to work tomorrow.

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