Monday, July 4, 2011

"pick some berries and don't forget your bucket..."

we filled our pockets with this bounty of wild treats...first of the season 

After dinner, my son grabbed me by the hand and led me to the berries.
Wild raspberries all over the place, at last.
As the sky turned pink, we walked the perimeter of the park and filled our pockets with berries.

Four rides the past four days: Marsh Creek, Blue Marsh, Downingtown, and a pretty swell little road loop that took us past my childhood home.
I remarked to my dad as we cruised past our old abode, "Damn, I wasn't nearly as sneaky as I thought I was being!"
25+ years ago, everything seemed so hidden and far apart and tucked away and out of reach, out of the grasp of our parents and grownups (the old metal gazebo, the pool, the playground, the woods, the big field near the "mansion"...all our secret spots)...
In reality, all our secret spots are within earshot of those funny little old townhouses, everything so closely strung together...
We had no idea (though, I'm sure my parents did).
I was not a bad kid by any means, but it sure seemed like we kids ruled that little world back then.

The berries are sweet.
Does it seem like they are EVERYWHERE this summer?

Hardtales will return at the end of the week, hopefully with pics of somewhere near & dear to me!   


k. francis said...

i know EXACTLY what you mean!!! isn't it funny to relive those memories?? eat lots of berries for me & have a blast :)

k. francis said...

love it :) have a blast!!! and eat some berries for me!