Friday, July 1, 2011


My bestie and I had plans to meet for breakfast and shopping this morning...Ruby's Diner at nine (milkshakes and gossip for breakfast) followed by a mad dash for shoes (Nordstrom) and makeup (Nordstrom).
Alas, our plans were foiled because some asshole decided to smash in her passenger side window.
I didn't get the text til I was already at  King of Prussia Mall.
Early for once in my life...and kinda cute, might I add.
While she was busy at home waiting for disinterested cops, I lingered over a solo breakfast at Classic Diner.
I don't mind eating alone, but I was pissed at the Ruiner who ruined my friend's car and morning.
Ruiner is one of my son's favorite insults. I love the words that kids make up.
"Don't be such a ruiner!"

Yeah, don't be such a ruiner.  


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