Friday, July 22, 2011

testy racer

How does Testy Racer deal?
By baking cookies and cleaning the house, of course.
Testy racer cleans the house like it's her job.
Testy Racer may snap any out if the Heed canister only has one scoop of powder left.
Watch out if all the gloves in the pile of clean laundry are left-handed.
Just watch out, okay?
Testy racer is serious.
Testy racer may be a little cavalier about the home course.
The home course shouldn't be taken lightly,'s dry and dusty and more technical than you think.
Home course is riddled with angry bees and snakes, Testy Racer.
Testy Racer better watch out.

You should hear some of the other monikers we go by around here.


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