Saturday, July 9, 2011

Vacation Part Two: Mohonk

We have arrived...

taking it all in

first canoe ride (his idea)...Vacation=bravery

happiest with my boys

tea time

crushing the Labyrinth Trail

the elusive crevice (aka the Lemon Squeeze) turning back now!


sick boulders

Sky Top

this is your view from the top (this and six states on a clear day)

the gardens

I am a mom, thus freaking out about all the exposure

sinking into the pines

Never fails to make me feel small and humble


k. francis said...

that is a really cool place!!!! how did you ever find it?

Kim said...

we used to spend many weekends in the Gunks when I was a kid because my dad was very into rock climbing...we camped often at Minnewaska (which sadly has since been shut down to camping) and also spent time at Mohonk. It's truly one of my very favorite places in the just never changes and is all that is great about nostalgia.