Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday Night (Pre) Ride

My kid is at the beach all week with his dad, which means I am a mess and need lots of distractions until Friday.
Which means I've been volunteering myself for the challenging cases at work.
Which means I've been cooking nice dinners and enjoying Gin & Tonics during our brand new happy hour at home on the back porch.
Which means I've been on my bike a bit more.
Which means I've been able to participate in the Wednesday Night Ride (which happened to be a pre-ride of the Marsh Creek course for the race this upcoming Saturday...Saturday night, actually)....

I don't like Marsh Creek.
I don't like riding there, even though the trails are good.
I've never liked riding there.
I liked the race that used to happen there in the fall and that's the only exception.

I rode there last night in the dark to get reacquainted with my lights.
I pissed off some yellow jackets and got stung in the armpit, ass, and head.

I rode there again tonight.
Kathleen graciously led a group of women around the course.
I suck at group rides because I get hung up worrying about holding people up, bungling on silly obstacles, looking/riding like a fool...
Isn't that ridiculous?
I didn't get stung, but I swatted a bee off my left arm.

We had a fun ride.
We had a fun ride at Marsh Creek.
Wow. I said it.

Even though it was eight thousand degrees and humid as f*ck, even though I was nervous about riding with other people, it was fun.

I miss my kid like crazy.
I'm glad I have such awesome friends and such an amazing boyfriend.
I may be a tiny bit buzzed from re-hydrating with two beers after trying to hang with Kathleen for nine miles.
Just saying.  

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