Saturday, July 2, 2011

what did you do last night?

We ate pizza (and the dough was a-mazing...another batch that surely would have been Erma-approved).
We blew up Fruity Pebble treats with Target fireworks.
When those fireworks ran out, we stole borrowed more from the neighbors Pernas.
We I got drunk from one beer.
We laughed really hard (as always) and referred to our friend's nerdsmart phones about a giant beetle scurrying across the porch.
We made the beetle wrestle a GI Joe action figure. The beetle won.
By eleven o'clock, the pizza was long gone, only three fruity pebble treats remained, and about a dozen firework carcasses littered our back yard.
A fine Friday night, indeed.

I think it's safe to say our holiday weekend started off with a bang, and I am pretty excited about what's to come...
Have a happy 4th, friends!

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