Sunday, August 28, 2011

How to Weather a Hurricane and its Aftermath (a photo essay)

sleep through the tornado warnings (preferably in a safe location and with your teddy bear)

stock up on MSR fuel canisters

stock the fridge with hoppy delights (also, fill your cooler with ice in the event of a power outage)

marvel at the storm from the safety of your home 

build a fort

check on your loved ones

engineer a scavenger hunt

tinker with your girlfriend's bike (XTR cranks? why, thank you!)

survey the damage (with adult supervision and only when the storm has passed, please)

explore your neighborhood
lastly, find some puddles to jump in!

Hopefully everyone has made it through the storm safely...
Wishing you all dry basements and quickly restored power.

Although there are quite a few projects I could dig into around the house today, I am going to take a pass and enjoy a lazy Sunday with the family.
Our last official day of summer vacation will be spent with an enormous bowl of popcorn and movies movies movies...thanks for reading!