Saturday, August 27, 2011


Last night at dinner, Ron relayed his memory of Hurricane Gloria when we were kids...
Schools were closed, power was out for a few days.
I knew I could count on him to remember its name.
Who needs Google when you have friends like Ron?
We talked about Floyd.
We talked about Bob (Bob?)...
I recounted my brush with Ernesto (while racing Seven Springs with the appropriately named Mudhoneys).
Now we are braced for Irene...
I love stormy weather and I wonder if this will live up to all the hype...
Rather than scoff at any notions of hurricane preparedness, we actually took the warnings seriously & stocked up on the essentials:
fuel canisters for the camping stove
batteries for the ipod dock

what else could one possibly need?
A pre-hurricane ride, that's what.

The trails at French Creek had a nice greasy feel this morning...not the kind where you're slip-sliding-ping-ponging all over the place, but the kind where you cruise along and just drill the rocks in spite of the moisture.
As for the woods?
Damp and spooky, rife with all kinds of interesting characters out & about, getting their activities in before Irene lashes out later this evening.
We stopped at Target to grab Max's Epi-pen (for school, which starts on MONDAY...holy sh*t, first grader!!!...not going to get into that right now, I promise...this aside is ov-er)...
Wow...mayhem at Target, predictably.
I love creeping on people's carts/baskets, spying their hurricane/disaster essentials...beanbag chairs, gossip mags (me, too), snacks galore, liters of soda (the water aisle was completely wiped out), econo-sized hand sanitizer...good stuff.
That's that, let's see what the next twenty-four hours bring.
I'm guessing not a whole lot...

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The Bike Nazi said...

I'm kind of enjoying being holed up in the house, waiting for the storm. George and I have been checking on the gutters, getting in our errands, and planning our evening should the electricity go out. I will kind of like it if the lights go out for a little while. I'd like to light the candles and eat all the icecream. It would only melt anyway, right?