Wednesday, August 31, 2011

make it stop

it's Tuesday Wednesday and I am missing work (again...I started this post yesterday).
Went in for an hour and decided I'd rather yack at home and spare my coworkers/patients.
so freaking beautiful outside and I am sick.
I wish I was bagging work to ride or do something fun outside, but my conscience has never allowed me to take part in that kind of carefree tomfoolery anyway.
Feel sorry for me...I am huddled under a down blanket and contemplating turning on the heat.
sick sucks.
summer sick sucks even worse.
frowny face.

here are some random photos from the archives (I usually never yield to the random photo barrage, but I'm sick and freezing and all alone...waaaaaah):
my brother, his kid, my dad  July 2009

Max gettin sharp for Sara's wedding 

winter 2009

Christmas 09 in BP's basement (Max discovers the treehouse)

MAC Prom 2009  

Bend, Oregon

My brother & Dave the Bass Player

Marci's cheerful yellow Vans

Easter 2010

awesome birthday brownies made with love & creepiness by Lisa, the best kidsitter in the whole world

okay, that's quite enough.
Tylenol cold & flu is giving me a a bad way. 


The Bike Nazi said...

Kim, I hope you feel better soon. Too bad it couldn't happen during the rainy weather we just had. Don't worry, you'll be back to normal soon and you'll catch up on everything.

Kim said...

thanks, Angie...guess it's an unintentional rest week!