Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Must Be Wednesday

I always gush about our local trails.
That's because our trails are awesome.
And the people I am lucky enough to ride with our awesome.

Tonight's line-up:

Rick led us out on a sprightly loop that brought me back to the good old days when rides with Rick made me cry.

I remember showing up with my dad for a ride at Dtown (back when we had to park in some industrial complex and the trails were raw and maybe not quite legal)...I'm not sure why, but I sensed it was a pretty serious ride and I knew I had no business being there.
After meandering around what is now Harmony Hill Nature Area, we wove our way toward the trestle bridge...I had never ventured this far and had never crossed the bridge.
Tears were streaming down my face because the wind was so ridiculously cold and furious.
Tears were streaming down my face because I was frustrated and embarrassed and sucking.
I had visions of disappearing through one of the gaping holes on the bridge only to meet my demise on some sad stretch of 322, blotchy and frozen and stuck to my Kona.
Somehow, I made it across that bridge and tried my best to keep somebody, anybody in sight...what a brutal ride.
Although there were probably five or six other guys there that day, I only remember Rick & my dad.
I remember Rick's pace and the fact that he waited and made sure I had safely crossed the bridge.
{sigh}... those were the days.

No crying on this ride.

My Wednesday Night Ride is not nearly regular enough.
My Wednesday Night Ride means sneaking in a hard effort, usually just over sixty minutes, covering as much ground as I can within that blissful, short-lived hour.
My Wednesday Night Ride is jammed in between work and kid-shuffling and kid-bedtime...sometimes it works and when it does, it is wonderful.


The Bike Nazi said...

Sometimes the failed attempts to ride make you appreciate the realized rides even more.

k. francis said...

omg, i still remember my first time riding across that bridge back in high school. scared quite a burst of adreneline through my blood stream!