Tuesday, August 16, 2011

not soon enough

We were talking about Vermont last night...

ducking under the lines...mmmmmm, syrup

who comes home from Vermont without maple syrup??
This year, I am bringing some back with me.

We talked about eating breakfast at the Freight House.
And Trout River beer.
And the Maxilla trail.
And Old Webs.
And crunchy leaves.
And being surrounded by mountains...and mountains...and mountains.
And campfires.
And friends.

 I. Can't. Wait.


lindsey said...

Sounds sublime! This was the year I was going to take a long backpacking vacation out west...it will have to wait. Have fun!

SaSaSandie said...

Im going to VT to ride with 7 friends in October! I as well can not wait to go! Enjoy!