Wednesday, August 24, 2011

O-F-F off (and all over the place)

Even though I rode well tonight, I felt kinda off...
Maybe it's stress weighing on kid said some pretty heavy stuff the other night and was rather distraught. It breaks my heart when he is worried about something. Even when I think I am handling it well, I still fret that I could be doing better.

I've got aches and pains from a stupid crash last week...I went down hard and bashed my knee (and sternum and shoulder and elbow...the knee took the brunt of it).
I rode my SS all weekend without a care in the world and aggravated the knee even more.
Still a super-fun ride tonight, though.
Neither of us were feeling it, but I'm glad we got out there.
Those woods, those trails are good to me...
I reminded Cati to guilt me into riding if I ever try to bail because I always end up feeling better afterward.
"Just tell me I'm lame and that you don't want to ride alone."
I needed some redemption tonight and that's exactly what I got.
Awkward and a little off, a little distracted...redemption all the same.  

Sewell/the D&Q Summer Sizzler is cancelled due to potential fallout from impending Hurricane Irene.
Sorry, but...yay!
Thank you, Irene.
I wasn't afraid to conquer that personal demon (especially after such a non-eventful pre-ride), but I'm kinda ready to wrap it up.

I'm kinda thinking about cross (there are maybe, like, three races I want to dabble in this year) and I'm thinking about arm warmers and crunchy leaves and long meandering rides in the woods...
I'm jumping ahead to Vermont and shorter days and charging lights and carving pumpkins.
I can't help favorite time of year is fast approaching and it makes me smile.


SaSaSandie said...

Kim - I'm not a big fan of Autumn. Summer is my gig. But your posts ARE getting me excited for Fall. Big time. I want to carve a pumpkin and go for a ride in the woods when the air is CRISP and COOL.

Kim said...

yes, Sandie, I am ready to be done with bugs and sweat ;)
I love me some summer, but it's been a ruthless one (and I haven't even made it to the beach this year...waaaaaah)!