Friday, August 19, 2011

on a whim

photo courtesy of Tommy O (thanks, I guess)...the creepy van is full of candy & puppies 
I texted Bill:
May I please ride with Kathleen @ 4:45? I'll make you scallops for dinner :)
Almost immediately, my phone lit up with a text from Kathleen:
Yes! So excited! No need for scallops though, thank you for the offer! I need to hit the grocery store after. Where should we meet? Can't wait!

Oops. Good thing it was scallops I tried to negotiate/entice with and not something...else.
(and I guess it should be noted that I don't need my BF's permission to ride per se, but I don't want to assume that I can stick him with childcare duty so I can go play in the woods for a couple hours)

What followed was a disastrous ride on my part as I crashtastically followed a very gracious Kathleen on HH's greasiest trails I've ridden in a while.
Aaaah...good times, good times.
Why has it taken over a year and a half for the two of us to venture out on our own "girl's ride"? It's silly, but I was actually nervous riding with her (thus, my numerous gaffes/bungles/crashes).
You know how it is riding with someone new...either you totally slay it and kick the ride's ass or you're a fool, slipping and sliding and fumbling over everything you typically clean with ease.
I swear I don't always ride like this...I swear
Rather than spout excuses or apologies, I wholeheartedly embraced my total lack of skills and just had fun enjoying my favorite trails with one of my favorite people.

Some of my most memorable rides have happened on a whim and this one was a long time coming (and long overdue).

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