Monday, September 19, 2011

Charm City Day Two

On paper, Day Two was anything but stellar for me.
The course, mostly reversed with a few subtle changes, was without Saturday's mud.
I, however, was not faster.
The group I started with began to pull away little by little into the 2nd lap...I didn't have the same confidence in the turns that I felt the previous day (which is silly, because the course was dry this time around).
Heidi and I traded wheels for a bit until I overtook her on after the road crossing to the ball fields.
My goals were simple:
Don't get lapped (by the Euro pros & LVG, nbd)
Don't be last
Approaching the finishing straight on the bell lap, I was pulled (with the 80% rule in effect) as the leaders were gaining on me and about to complete their race.
"What you'd do? Bail so you could watch the sprint?" My dad said as I rolled up to the finish (off course).
"Um, no, I got pulled."
Duh, BP.
And I did get to watch Laura outsprint the Belgian for second place, which was awesome.
As for me, I met my goals (although, really...getting pulled vs getting lapped?).
I learned a few valuable lessons about racing and will continue to refine some of my techniques and tactics based on the wisdom shared with me over the weekend.
Even though I struggled yesterday, I still had fun (how can you not have fun at Charm City?)...
and I intend to see this through all season long, back of the pack and all.



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Velorambling said...

Kim great to see you out there having fun. It was a great course. Continue living the good life