Friday, September 30, 2011

high highs/low lows

Post-vacation blues?
Who knows...
I've got no reason to be down and very little to worry about, but the Funk was here upon waking.
I know, I know...
September brings shorter days and sleepless nights. Always.
All that good stuff.
I know.
Which brings me some's not me. (though, it is me)


I split a snake in two this afternoon on Sunset Hollow Road and that made me feel awful.
Right near the farm with the sign.

that is a bacon chocolate chip cookie to go, in case you were wondering

awful awful awful.
For the rest of my ride, I was all crazy-angry-hammer-hammer-pant-hammer-hammer-pant.
Very attractive, indeed.
Now I feel a million times better.

I  We have a wedding to plan.
Although I may have been down this road before (and I'll elaborate on that sometime thoughts about getting married again, the whole nine) Bill sure hasn''s a big deal and we're going to do it right.
I am giddy when I think about being his wife.
I am giddy when I think about The Dress.

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Jen said...

OK, you make me feel better about the semi-funk I've been in all day. I feel guilty being in a funk since I have a baby due very soon and I just got very good job news... but still fell into a funk early in the day and couldn't shake it. here's to a funk-free sunday!