Wednesday, September 21, 2011

making it happen

Another rainy practice (this time at Location B).
"I'm not feeling very inspired," my dad grumbled as we geared up and set off on a warmup lap.
"Neither am I."
How many hot laps until our sour attitudes turned around?
Practice is like that.
Location B has a brutal run-up, a long staircase of railroad ties and busted pavement on a steep hill.
I'm going to keep working that awful awful awful run-up...
"You responded really well to every attack," my dad said.
"Thanks. It's only taken me, what? Four seasons to finally start to get the hang of this?" 

photo courtesy of Anthony Skorochod via FB...thanks for all the work you do for us narcissistic racers!

Can't wait for that Hillbilly Hustle!

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