Thursday, September 1, 2011

maybe it's time to...

Reston. Cold

picture courtesy of Anthony

Nationals 2009 (upon unpacking my pedals)

Phelps 2010 (close enough to ride to the venue as my warmup...clutch)

BP (checking my tire pressure)

skinny ass Julz 

even Bill does it/did it

Maybe it's time to squeeze a few cross practices in after work one/two days a week...
Maybe it's time to have fun with this again.
Maybe it's time to admit my stint in the CAT2's was a joke and really, I have no business being there, but that doesn't mean I have to give this up.
Maybe it's time to have FUN with this again.
Maybe it's time to have fun. with. cross. again.


Anonymous said...

I miss Reston as a venue, but the last go round was a bit overboard on the snow and ice front..

Kim said...

agreed! the icy bridge was enough for me...I couldn't make it out of the parking lot without slipping all over the place (and wasn't even on my bike yet). I think I ran like 8 psi that day!

Becky said...

Reston is back this year as a Super8 race on Dec 4, I think. If I could skip the bridge but keep the icy off camber fun, I would.

Yeah, Kim, come hang out with us other Cat 2's that don't belong but aren't cat 3 anymore.