Wednesday, September 28, 2011

pictures and words (Vermont 2011)

About to enjoy some of the best trails ever with some of my favorite people

Trout River takeover

me & Kathleen

ducking under the lines (Maple syrup lines, duh)

there they go...

He just asked me to marry him!

the Inn (our digs for Sunday night, after two nights in the lean-to)

date night (guys, I'm getting MARRIED!!!!!!)

the Inn at Mountain View farm

overlooking Lake Willoughby (guys, I'm getting MARRIED!!!!!!)

Newport VT

celebratory drinks on the lake  

Ron & Kathleen

my fiance (!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Vermont was full of surprises this year.
It still hasn't completely sunk in yet. 


lindsey said...

THis post made me smile! Thanks for sharing! I have got to come up for a visit before it gets too cold...

megA said...


You're getting married! And you two are so awesome together!! I'm so very very happy for you Kimmy Kim!

Many xoxos!


Kim said...

Lindsey...say the word, you know you are always welcome!

MegA...thanks you, thank you, thank you!!!! soooo excited :)