Thursday, September 8, 2011


I was reunited with barriers and mud and grit and wet grass and and sloshy turns and tricky chicanes and  cantilever brakes and soaking shoes last night...
When it was all over, I found myself wanting more.
Even if it means starting in the last row.
Even if it means turning myself inside out to simply not get lapped...

Seems I've got some scrambling to do before Sunday.


SaSaSandie said...

That was always my goal in CX, not to get lapped. Then eventually when I realized I was sucking at meeting that goal, I changed my goal to 'not be DFL.' I did much better at meeting that one. Now that chilly rainy weather is here I'm kind of bumming that I sold my cross bike. :-(
Props to you for going to CX practice in the rain

k. francis said...

you can do it! just get out there & have fun :)