Sunday, October 16, 2011

Granogue Day One

"I'm going to pin my number and line up and see how the race goes. My headache is going to go away and I'm not going to be last. I'm going to get on my bike and go hard and have some fun out there."

post-Granogue pumpkins

Oh, the things we tell ourselves as we ready our minds and bodies for 40 minutes of suffering.

Start position: Last Row (thank you, random call-ups)
Position going onto the grass: Last place
Position at 1st turn: 3rd from last (woot...makin moves all over the place)
And that was pretty much the excitement of the day...passing two women (one of whom pitted and proceeded to catch and quickly drop me before we even reached the green house)

I was gaining on Christy (who I battled with at Charm City) and managed to squeak by her on the tower side as she tangled with the tape.
As I surged down and proceeded to wash out on the long, grassy descent, my body hit the ground, bounced and skidded to a halt...
Without hesitation, I jumped back on the bike, but Christy was gone. Grass was jammed into my left shifter and my entire body was groaning with discomfort. By the time I reached the barriers, I awkwardly dismounted and stumbled over them.
Over the barriers.
In the Elite race.
For two more laps, I  focused on staying ahead of BadKat, who was sporting the most intimidating yellow shoes I have ever seen.
Crossing the finish line (upon getting lapped by LVG), I realized I had chipped a molar when my face met the ground.
That's cross and that's my final MAC race this season.

here's the "Even though..." part:
Even though I gloriously wiped out in front of a rather large audience (including my fiance and future father-in-law), I'm proud of the fact that I jumped back in and finished.
2nd to last, nonetheless.

People got hurt badly at Granogue yesterday.
I am thinking of Trevor and his wife and daughter.
I can't imagine getting the phone call saying your husband was caught in a nasty pileup and had to be airlifted to the nearest hospital.
From what I've heard, both men are coherent and going to be okay.
My teammate, Cati, also ended her season with a painful knee injury (two minutes into her race)...
I know she'll recover and I know she'll be back for more cross.
We can't stay away...
That's cross.


Becky said...

nice job out there Kim! they announced at the 1/2/3 35+ start today that Trevor and Bill are ok - those guys didn't go out quite as hard today, though.

Bad Kat said...

Thanks for the shoe shout out. They are blazen. Nice work out there, are you sure we can't talk you into Fairhill? Non-bike related those pumpkins are rad.

k. francis said...

you are awesome!