Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Granogue Weekend Must Be Approaching...

Because it's raining.
Guess what? They claim it's "America's Toughest Cross Race," and I tend to agree.
Yes, I have only been racing cross for a mere 4(? ) years and I have hardly raced every cross race in the country (although I am proud to say my cross pursuits have brought me to races up & down the East coast and as far afield as Kansas City and Oregon...not bad for a girl who's afraid to fly)...

Granogue is tough.
With the soaking rains beginning to fall, I imagine it will be tough and muddy.
What is Granogue without mud anyway?

Wedding dress shopping was a complete fail last week.
(Yes, we just went from muddy races to gowns...just skip this bridal nonsense if you wish)
I looked at every dress on display and grimaced /smirked/frowned/laughed at each and every one.
It's not like I have a vision of the perfect dress.
Quite the contrary.
I'm waiting for something to hit will.
We set a date, we found a place and I am so beside myself with excitement...

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