Tuesday, October 18, 2011

hi there

Perusing blogs is one of my favorite ways to waste time unwind.
Some blogs inspire me.
Some blogs make me laugh.
Some blogs make me feel like I am not alone in trying to be a great mom and having a rough go at it sometimes.
Some are my old standbys...and the reason why I started my own blog in the first place.
Recently, I was lucky enough to share my Blind Date from Hell story with Elle as a guest poster on her rad blog, This Is Mommyhood.
Although Hardtales began as an outlet for race reports and my love of riding, it has evolved into a candid glimpse at my everyday...if you've been around for a while, you probably watched my marriage crumble & my world fall apart in many ways.
Maybe you stuck around long enough to see me pick up the pieces and move on.
You may have witnessed a breakthrough season or two on the bike, only to find me relegated right back to the back of the pack again.
You may have also seen my son morph from a wily toddler into a pretty fantastic First Grader (he's still okay with me sharing stories about him here...for now).
In any case, I appreciate all the insight/feedback/comments/encouragement along the way...sometimes being a blogger is a tricky thing, yet it always incites a bit of joy when a reader chimes in here or in real life.
Thanks for reading...


Fatmarc Vanderbacon said...

I love blogs too.
so much better than facebook.

thanks for the props, yours is one of my favorite blogs for sure.


Velorambling said...

Love the candor and insight you put out there. Good to see you on Saturday.
Your guest post is a fantastic read. Somehow I have luckily avoided that and have ended up with a great redhead as well.
Keep on keepin on

Kim said...

thank you, fellas!

k. francis said...

that is the best picture ever!!! keep sharing :)