Saturday, October 29, 2011


October snow day.
What in the frigging frig?
Sorry for ruining you so badly, planet Earth.
What we did today as inches and inches and inches of sleety raw snow fell from the gray sky:
  • watched "Teen Witch" (top that)
  • braved Target and lost the game I like to call "Make It Out of Target Alive Under a Hundred Bucks" 
  • wasted a lot of time contemplating which Halloween candy to purchase (skittles...taste the rainbow, twizzlers, blow pops, 3 of my faves, and of course the Fun Mix which includes those weird Tootsie Roll "midgies" what the??)
  • ate a fantastic creme-filled doughnut...I usually don't crave doughnuts, but today I needed one and it was amazing. 
I'm pretty excited about this day.
It's been such a sh*tty, strange week peppered with a few great rides, a fun Halloween parade, and plenty to laugh about...but...
But, I've been so down and sleep-deprived and out of sorts and moody.
Last night, it all came crashing down in an ugly-crier fury as I sat balled up against the vanity on the bathroom floor in the throes of a migraine.
Thank. God.
Thank god thank god thank god for that migraine because the past few days make perfect sense now.
Clearly, it had been building and I just didn't recognize it...phew.
So, when the sirens blared inside my head and my jaw started tingling and the nausea pulled at my stomach, I was relieved & thankful to simply lie in bed with my head under the pillow.

With the snow came newfound energy and a much better mood.
Still...what in the frigging frig??

Side note/interesting fact: Tootsie Roll Industries produce all their candy in a completely nut-free facility. That includes Charleston Chews, Dots, Junior Mints, Sugar Daddies, and Double Bubble to name a few...My kid has a fatal peanut allergy, so this is a big deal to me, especially this time of year. Tootsie Roll Industries, you rock.


k. francis said...

sorry you had such a weird week and sorry about the migrane! i heart tootsie rolls, btw ;)

Kim said...

Happy Halloween, Kristen :)