Sunday, October 30, 2011

Star Rock Cross ("Go, Lisa! Go, Lisa!")

photo courtesy of Pete Carr (via Lisa Staub on FB...thanks for the great shot!)

I accidentally wore one of his jerseys today  

I don't know Lisa, but seemingly every spectator at Star Rock Cross really wanted her to beat me.
What I heard for forty minutes (in between my own gasping and very attractive heaving breaths):
"Crush her, Lisa!"
"Come on, Lisa!"
"Get her, Lisa!!"
"Go, Lisa!"
"You're right there, Lisa!"
"Stay on her wheel, Lisa!"
I found myself shouting, "Come on, Kimmy!" at one point, which made yet another Lisa fan chuckle.
Lisa dropped me when I tangled with a wooden stake, but I caught her before the run-up (the "real" run-up, not the roughly 60 percent of the rest of the course which was a crawl claw walk stagger run-up.
Oh, Lisa...
We battled it out for nearly half of the second lap (oh, the first lap was the bell, seriously...we only did two laps).
Two laps.
Two brutally, ruthlessly muddy wet cold grassy snowy hilly windy laps.
Oh, Lisa...
On the finishing straight/mud pit, I hopped off and started pushing my bike up the final stretch, with Lisa breathing down my neck.
For a hasty, ill-advised second, I hopped back on my bike & tried like mad to ride to that finish...
"Kim, she's right there!!"
Kim?! Awww...somebody was cheering for me. (BP? Bill?)
With that, I dismounted & "ran" to the orange line.
It was the slowest, most churn-y "sprint" ever.
In fact, that was the hardest freaking finishing stretch EVER.
Upon crossing the line, I happily collapsed into the snow.
Exasperated & exhilarated.
"That was the most exciting race of the day!" I heard the official say.
Oh, Lisa...girl, you really pushed me way harder than I thought I could go today.

Thank you, Cycle Works, for the Little Cross Race that Could.
Up against one of the best MAC races & under pretty severe conditions (even by the most objective cross standards), you guys pulled off a supremely fun event.
I'm glad I decided at 4:58 yesterday afternoon, "Why not?"


SaSaSandie said...

Awww...I cheered for you ;-( I must have gotten drowned out by all the Lisa cheers. YOU did awesome. That was the most exciting race of the day.

Anonymous said...

You pushed me just as much! Great job Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Great job yesterday, I was actually cheering for the both of you. I cheered for Lisa because I know her and what she can do. I started to cheer for you because I am a natural underdog. You were out there fighting alone with nobody helping you. I ran along the side of both of you at the end cheering, I yelled out to the both of you that collapsed on the ground that it was the most exciting race I have seen in a long time (even that day). It is a shame that more women don't have the heart that you four had out there. Each one of you gave it your all, but you and LISA were the hit of the day. GREAT JOB, HEART OF A WARRIOR.

Kim said...

Thanks for the comments!
Yesterday will go down as one of my most memorable races for sure.
Lisa, I look forward to lining up with you would have been so easy to throw in the towel (or not race at all), but competitors like you make it worthwhile (and fun).
Anonymous- thanks for the kind words & encouragement.
As always, thanks for reading!