Sunday, October 2, 2011

too happy to go hard?

for Karen

F*ck yeah, BP!! 

too much cowbell
Hillbilly Hustle 2011...
After a great/strong/confident start, I went from front-ish of the pack to DFL by the third turn.
What. the. frig.
What happened?
I don't know. 
An injury I suffered earlier this week didn't faze fact, I felt absolutely great today.
I felt healthy and rested and strong and fit.
My bike was completely fine in spite of the grit and mud and slop.
What. the. frig.

How bad did I just want to throw in the towel and bail?
The only only only reason I stuck it out was for Max.
Max woke up in a super-cheerful mood (as always, bless his freaking heart) at 5:15 ON HIS OWN so he would have a few minutes to play with his Legos before our ass-crack-of-dawn departure for NJ.
"Pack a cowbell for me, mom. And snacks!"
So...there I was, determined at the very least to put on a good show for my very enthusiastic Number One Fan.
I think we called these "teachable moments" back when I was getting my Early Childhood Ed degree.
A teachable moment, indeed.
See? I'm dead last...I'm trying my best, even though it may not look that way, and I am covered in black mud and I am going to keep going til the end...

With that, I picked off one competitor in my field and was promptly lapped by the leader of the B race.
Aaaaah, cross...I'm so much better at you when my life is a mess.



k. francis said...

i'm telling you, after i got out of my crappy relationship with my exhusband, i lost all my need to punish myself racing. what used to be such an incredible release for me just felt like torture. sometimes i really like a course and i'll go out to do a couple of laps for fun, but i feel like i'm in the way of the people who really want to win. i'm all about fun rides now. you'll find your place ;) just have fun!!!

Karen said...

Beautiful technique!