Sunday, October 9, 2011

Townhall Cross (PA Series 2011)

Townhall Cross was my kind of course...
Grassy (green, green grass and plenty of it)
Elevation gain galore (hello there, St.Luke's "staircase")
Challenging turns (tight and tricky)
Great vibes
I like the PA series...

Yesterday, I actually raced.
I was likely last among any of the Cat 2 women, but I was 8th overall of the 22 women who started together.
Starting in the last row is getting kind of old, I'll admit.

4 races into my 2011 cross season and I have learned this:
I am a great bike handler with a huge love of the sport lacking power and Elite-level fitness right now.
I am so okay with this.
Racing among the 1/2/3/4 field (and being beat handily by a few B women) gave me a boost because once again I was racing and trading spots and making moves, rather than turning myself inside out to simply not get lapped or not be last.
I'm glad these smaller series exist to afford that kind of balance and keep it fun.
Because what's fun about cross is being in the thick of it...being in the mix and going all out.

I learned something else from Townhall Cross:
Being 36 means feeling completely sapped after racing for 45 minutes in the glorious sunshine.
After feasting on fantastic Indian food & a bottle of Saison du Pont, I barely made it to 9pm with eyes hardly open.
I have tan lines from a race in October and that is the best prize yet.

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