Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11/11 luck-lucky day musings

Sept. 1942 Erma & Joe

Veteran's Day:
I always used to call my grandfather on Veteran's Day. He's no longer with us, but not a day goes by without him crossing my mind.
He served in WWII and my brother would concur that we never grew tired of his many war stories.

Marsh Creek (last night):
Bill and I set out for the woods just as darkness and rain crept in.
"It's romantic!" I joked.
"What??" he called over his shoulder.
We started on the boat launch side, intending to warm up on the climbs.
Brrrrrrrrr.Wet leaves, wet roots made for the inevitable spill on a tight, little descent.
"I'm okay, I'm okay." I said, mostly to myself.
Soon, we were meandering back to the lot.
"This is silly."
It was.
Still, I've used my lights more in the past few weeks than I did all last winter.
That's good.

At dinner last night (which was a complete fail, but the beer was good...and really, all I wanted was a tasty pint), I rifled through my purse for chapstick only to be surprised by a lovingly crumpled note from my son.
In green magic marker and adorable first-grade handwriting, the words: "I love u."
Loopy little hearts and scrawly grinning stick figure. Plentiful X's and O's.
Earlier yesterday, he asked if I was going to use my purse at all.
"Yeah, I'm sure I will."
"Okay. Just wondering."
The note made my night.

Bad Songs on Repeat:
Bad songs...the worst...have been stuck in my head all week long.
I can't even admit which songs they are.
Trust, so bad.
Make it stop.

11/11/11 (Make a wish):
Hmmmm...that's an easy one.

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