Thursday, November 10, 2011

managing sloth

For a solid 90 minutes this morning, I acted like a responsible adult (made breakfast for my son, packed a lunch, walked to the bus stop). It's my day off after a super-busy stretch at work this week and I have an agenda:
  • be still
  • be lazy
  • ignore responsibilities
  • ignore projects
  • ignore laundry
  • ignore phone
  • drink tea
  • charge lights
  • ride bike   
  • drink beer
In that order.

I am dutifully following my agenda (as my lights charge). In fact, I just took laziness to a whole new level. After a hot bath, I put pajamas on.
At 2pm.
It's Thursday.
I'm not sick.
I'm not distraught.
I'm quite content drinking hot chocolate under a down blanket while the wind howls outside.
Guess I'm saving my energy to rip Bill's legs off at Marsh Creek later ;)

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