Monday, November 21, 2011


Max has started asking questions about Santa Claus..."Is he really really really real?"
He'll be seven in a few weeks.
I'm floundering.
"Of course he's real."
"Mom, tell me the truth."
"The truth is I believe in Santa Claus."
"Okay. So do I."

Sandi told me in second grade that Santa wasn't real.
We were washing our hands side by side in the girls bathroom.
"Kim, Santa's not real. You know that, right?"
The rest of the day was a blur...I know Mr.Smith was talking and teaching, but I couldn't hear a word.
The panic about Santa Claus in my head was far too loud.
I demanded the truth from my parents that night and (obviously) it broke my heart.

I don't need to be breaking any hearts.

Maybe tomorrow I'll share some pics and anecdotes about the kickass race in Ktown yesterday.
For now, I'm fretting about Christmas and kids growing up too fast.

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