Saturday, November 26, 2011

still giving thanks

my other brother, Ike

Freakishly warm temps allowed me to work on my tan this weekend (when I wasn't busy baking pecan pies or teaching my son how to make cranberry sauce).
From French Creek to Fair Hill, I rocked bare legs and short sleeves just days away from December.
The woods at Frech Creek are utterly decimated from the October snow fall...although the trails are mostly clear now (thanks to some hardcore trail maintenance last weekend), I've never seen so much wreckage.
Trees snapped from the top, limbs everywhere...just destroyed.
Other than folding myself in half on the largest rock I could find, the ride was seemless and fun.
Fair Hill was more of the same today...just meandering along and winding through the woods.
I know, I know...winter is coming, but the color on my arms and legs says otherwise.

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