Saturday, November 19, 2011


This is where we are getting married. We'll clear out some of the brush, but otherwise leave the area as is.
It doesn't need anything because it's perfect.

That's Toni's bike.
She showed me how to plant daffodil bulbs (you guys, I had no idea how easy it is...I can do this!).
Toni has kindly offered to handle the flowers for the wedding and I am so excited to see what she dreams up.

Why are we getting married here?
Our first date was a mountain bike ride on these trails...we come back here again & again & again & again.
I couldn't imagine a more ideal location (fingers crossed for good weather, but not going to waste energy stressing about something beyond our control).

The past few weeks I have been so touched and thankful for all the great friends I have in every little corner of my life. It's a beautiful thing, indeed.

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