Friday, December 2, 2011

buggin out

Phelps spectators 2009

6th Birthday

my nephew sampling last year's birthday wares

Being inside other people's mouths all day long literally makes me sick. (gross!...guys, I'm an orthodontic assistant)
Yes, I wear a mask and gloves (and even nerdy protective eye wear sometimes), but no amount of hand washing and zinc has rendered me immune to most of the nasty sh*t that goes around this time of year.
Aaaand it usually hits hard when there is fun holiday party to attend or a notable race is on the calendar.

This time it's a horrible stomach virus and I just want this to be over over over so I can be healthy for Sunday.
(I also want this to be over so I can eat food...real food)
States at Phelps (one of my all-time favorite courses) and oh, yeah...
My baby kid is turning seven.
Holy hell.

Tonight is the Olde fashioned Christmas Parade in town...
(I'm not going because of aforementioned stomach bug and the fact that Max will be with his dad).
Nearly seven years ago, I walked to the parade 4 days before my due date in the freezing cold bound and determined to get my labor going.
It worked!
Jeff dutifully followed me block after hasty block, walking and walking and walking...
After Santa arrived, we briskly walked the long way home...all nine months and 6+ pounds of ready-to-pop Maxwell zipped snugly beneath my green down coat.
Tonight's the night...tonight's the night...come on, little baby...let's get this going...
Sure enough, my contractions started in the middle of the night and Max would be born roughly seven hours later.
God, I love that kid.
Now, he's about to turn seven...
First Grade.
Riding a two-wheeler.
Tying shoes.
Showing kindness and patience and blowing my mind with his empathy towards other human beings every. single. day.

Abusing bad words.
Forming strong opinions.
Appreciating good music.
Crafting an insanely wry sense of humor.
Talking back. (sometimes)
Growing taller...(will surely surpass little ol' me sooner than I'd care to imagine)

(no wonder I'm sick)

(kidding...this is awesome. and way too fleeting)


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