Saturday, January 14, 2012

the big boardwalk in the sky...

Last night I dreamed that my grandmom was selling french fries on the boardwalk...she was laughing and enjoying herself.
Hmmmm...she did work the french fry booth at the St.Denis fair every year. Maybe it's her part-time gig up there in Heaven.

I ate the one of the best meals of my life last night at Alba.
Maybe the best.
No exaggeration.

Perfect spot for a date or to share a table with a few friends...the ambiance was bustling, yet intimate. Lively, yet kinda romantic (though, that may have been the company...just sayin). 
For dinner, I chose the Spagetti alla Chittarra with peas and pork simple and perfect.
If you are in the area, just go.
And don't skip dessert because you'll miss out on the best, most simple cake you've ever eaten (vanilla ricotta pound light and moist and subtly sweet...I want it for our wedding cake and I want it for breakfast right now and every morning for the rest of my life).

What else?
I ran yesterday.
To switch things up.
After fifteen million billion hours on the bike last week, it felt good to run.
Actually, no...nothing about it felt good.
Because running sucks.
Unless it takes place in the woods.
Running is stupid.
Looking forward to a long, cold balaclava ride tomorrow.
Bring it, old man winter...I ain't scurred.

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