Saturday, January 7, 2012

sixty degrees...oh, and Facebook

Insane weather today.
January 7th and we're noodling around in the woods with shorts and bare arms...what the?
In three short months, we are getting married and the excitement is brimming.
Wedding stuff is creeping into my dreams and I guess I should be stressed, but I'm giddy instead.

With roughly ninety days to go, I am stepping off the Facebook grid.
It's positively embarrassing how much time I spend lurking/creeping/zoning out...guys, I'm not social-networking. I am straight-up creepin...I am procrastinating and getting lost looking at photos of people and places that don't exist in my real life. So freaking weird.
Isn't it so awkward when you see a FB "friend" in real life & you don't even acknowledge each other?
Or has this only happened to me?
I love keeping in touch with my far-flung friends and relatives...I love seeing pictures of their new babies and honeymoons and holidays and all that good stuff, but I've got sh*t to do.
They'll find me, I'll find's all good.

So, yeah.
Sixty degrees.
Fun day on the bikes with BSW...
Winter is going to hurt so much when it finally arrives.
Or are we skipping it?


Kathleen said...

I'm all for skipping it this year. 3 months!! :)

Jen said...

You crack me up. I am with you on the facebook creeping! I do it and I feel bad about wasting precious time afterwards. I feel especially bad when my kid walks up, points at a picture, and asks, "Who's that?" Ummm... how do you even explain that?! lol. You're not alone -- I ran into a fb "friend" at the dollar store recently and had the most awkward exchange.