Thursday, January 12, 2012

this week (thursday is my friday)

  • Exchanging an ill-fitting Christmas gift for a super-cute steel gray Michael Stars wrap & sparkly bracelet
  • trying mat pilates with Janice...holy sh*t, what a kickass class...can't wait for the next one!
  • beginning to map out the fast-approaching race season ahead of me (another journey to Stewart State Forest on the horizon...word)  
  • coaxing Max to eat something new (in return, I had to try ketchup for him...ewwww, gross gross gross...I knew there was a reason I've gone thirty-six years not knowing what I was "missing") 
  • listening to my kid read and watching his confidence grow (BOB books, you plain old rule
  • taking part in Tuesday's impromptu dance party
  • sitting down to a relaxing noisy, laughter-filled dinner night after night with BSW and Max
  • believing the beady-eyed "meteorologist" when he promised sunny skies and sixty degrees today

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