Saturday, February 25, 2012

Friday, February 24, 2012


It's time to nail down some post-wedding travel plans (oh, I guess that would be a honeymoon, right?)...
We've never had a vacation together, just the two of us.
We've seen some amazing places and enjoyed many ridiculously fun adventures with Max and our favorite people, but we've yet to escape somewhere brand new without anyone else.
It's no secret that I am terrified of flying and it pains me to be apart from my kid for too long...(like, more than four days is too long...seriously).
Where does that leave us?
Likely the Florida Keys...four nights, five days? Three-ish hours in the air?
We want to go somewhere warm and beachy and relaxing without breaking the bank...somewhere we can feel far away from home, yet not a spend a whole day in a Xanax haze in the sky  travelling to get there.
I thought my trip to Oregon would help me overcome my fear of flying, but somehow it has only gotten worse.
I'm not truly afraid of much, but I am still scared to fly.

you think?

Maybe I can't sleep because I had a Golden Monkey for dinner.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Morning

Maybe I'll venture out for some wedding shoes today...
That's what girls do when they can't hit the trails, right?
The boys are at a birthday party in Hell at Bounce-U, so I am easing into this quiet morning with a huge cup of tea.
9:30am (!) revelry at an indoor inflatable playground after a sleepless night? Go ahead without me, boys...please. And thank you.
I'm sad to miss a ride with one of my favorite people today, but nothing says cheer up quite like a purposeful mission to acquire wildly cute shoes.
Nordstrom, I need you and I'll see you soon.
Happy Saturday.  

the sunlight falling into my house at this hour sure looks like springtime...just sayin.

This day 2011 "All bouncers must wear socks" ...sorry, Cami, I'm taking a pass this year

Friday, February 17, 2012


Max and I have matching Adventure Time shirts...and look, my hair is getting long
This is me not being cute the day after Valentine's Day recovering from a minor procedure which left me, um, out of commission in the romance department.
Sometimes being a woman is awesome (childbirth...woot).
Sometimes being a woman sucks (spending Valentine's Day with your legs in the stirrups as a biopsy is taken of your inner female nether regions...again, ugh).
I've been dealing with this for several years and I try not to let it scare me or get me down, but it's a bummer.
I am being proactive about my health and I want to be around for a long, long time to see my son grow up and have kids of his own...I want to be somebody's wife for longer than seven years.
I want to see this one through...that's all. doctor was very thorough and reassuring and I left the office feeling completely wiped out, but confident that everything will indeed be fine.

Trust me, I'd rather post about a ride, too.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

be mine

salted caramels made by my Valentines


coconut cake with coconut rum filling


Homemade treats for each other, a beautifully set table, and lovely hearfelt sentiments...
Valentine's Day 2012 was definitely one to remember.
I like Valentine's Day in all its candy-coated-frosted-pink glory...we didn't go out and buy cards or gifts, but the three of us took some time to make meaningful (and yummy) things for each other and enjoy a special evening at home.

...aaaaaand my dad gave me the bicycle dress!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

perilously low pressure

What a treat to ride in the snow...
mid-February and it's the first time I've dug out the extra-extra-cold weather gear.

I'm not a fan of Foo Fighters, but Dave Grohl's acceptance speech at the Grammy Awards tonight was pretty moving...he spoke about music coming from the heart, from within...not what sounds perfect and correct and what goes into/comes out of a computer.
Right. On.

Foster the People covering the Beach Boys is making me uncomfortable.

I hope I didn't miss Maceo Parker when I was taking a bath.

Friday, February 10, 2012

easter candy...yes

I went to CVS for sinus meds and kleenex.
I could not pass up the cadbury mini eggs.
They are my all time favorite seasonal candy, my shameless weakness...I love love love love Easter candy.
In my parked car, I ate the entire (mini) bag.
Yes, it's early for Easter candy, but the fact that it's even out right now means I'm getting married soon

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I'm about to start putting dinner together and my son is in his playroom.
I hear the dialogue, I hear his voice change for the characters involved in this elaborate scheme.
"Sorry, Master Yoda, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings..." followed by his best Yoda voice, "Master Yoda drives a hard bargain..."
Blasters, vehicles, more dialogue, more sound effects...the sound effects are ridiculous.
I  hear an entire battle unfolding and I know it won't be long before he is wary of  playing out loud...
I love listening to these battles and stories and conversations between characters/Jedi knights/super heroes/mythical creatures/wild animals...
I love the mash-ups between Star Wars and Harry Potter...the imagination of a seven year-old boy is pretty great.

When I was seven, Barbies were my thing...(I know, I don't even really like pink anymore...).
I made houses with storybooks for walls and folded up sweat shirts as beds and sofas...story lines were usually the melodramatic variety.
It wasn't unusual for tornadoes, volcanoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes to plague my poor Barbie dolls and their painstakingly constructed homes (apparently I also had a thing for natural disasters).
Occasionally, there would be a tragic drowning in the Dream Pool or Skipper would run away from home.
I was more interested in Barbie & family building a bunker or seeking dry land than marrying Ken or opening a hair salon.
Hearing my son in the other room brings me back to those hours and hours and hours spent crafting those far fetched and fantastic little stories.
I wonder how many conversations between Barbie and Skipper and Ken and their many cousins/friends/rivals my parents observed.

I'm home after eight hours of wires and hygiene instructions and small talk and sharp instruments and teeth teeth teeth.
My coat is still on and I haven't even put my keys down.
"Mom, hi! Wanna play with me? Let's play..." Urgent and enthusiastic hug and one more plea, "Come on, let's play!"
I know these days are numbered...
Before I know it, I'll come in and have time to actually hang up my coat and place my keys on the counter.

I have learned, "Wanna play with me?," is actually, "Mom, just hang out with me and keep me doesn't matter if you suck at Legos or get the voices wrong for Transformers or don't know the difference between all the DC and Marvel super heroes...just hang out with me..."

And that is one of the reasons why our laundry piles are out of control and there are dishes in the sink.
The laundry sure isn't growing up too fast and the dishes won't be too cool to spend time with me in a few short years...that's for sure. 

I love hearing my kid involved in his own little world, but I also love that he still needs my attention & wants me around.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

eight weeks

...til I walk down the aisle trail.
Still need to acquire some cute & practical footwear for that part of the day.
I don't have any bridesmaids...Max is our only honor attendant/best man.
Now I'm thinking I'm going to need some of my girlfriends around that day...My would-have-been-bridesmaids-if-I-had-bridesmaids...
Eight weeks to go. 
These are the things that consume my thoughts these days...

My friend, Sara, designed the most amazing invitations.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

staying home

I'm home sick today.
It means my son was able to ease into his Wednesday and walk out the door with a bigger, brighter smile on his face than usual.
It means we had a little time to relax and snuggle after he ate his waffle and drank his OJ.
It means his hair looked a little nicer and toothbrushing wasn't frantic and hurried.

I know how lucky I am to have a job that I enjoy, but I miss being a stay-at-home mom.
Selfishly, I considered working things out with my ex years ago solely because I wanted to stay home and raise our son.
I have no regrets about moving on, but I wish I could be the one who puts my son on the bus every day.
I'd like to have the energy to make an awesome dinner and get through homework without sighing or losing patience.
Sometimes I feel like I am ripping him off.
"We're only reading two books tonight..."
"You need to take a quick shower, all business, it's getting late..."
"I don't feel like was a crazy Monday..."

This crazy weather is literally making me sick.

I helped build the Millenium Falcon, so that's got to count for something