Friday, February 24, 2012


It's time to nail down some post-wedding travel plans (oh, I guess that would be a honeymoon, right?)...
We've never had a vacation together, just the two of us.
We've seen some amazing places and enjoyed many ridiculously fun adventures with Max and our favorite people, but we've yet to escape somewhere brand new without anyone else.
It's no secret that I am terrified of flying and it pains me to be apart from my kid for too long...(like, more than four days is too long...seriously).
Where does that leave us?
Likely the Florida Keys...four nights, five days? Three-ish hours in the air?
We want to go somewhere warm and beachy and relaxing without breaking the bank...somewhere we can feel far away from home, yet not a spend a whole day in a Xanax haze in the sky  travelling to get there.
I thought my trip to Oregon would help me overcome my fear of flying, but somehow it has only gotten worse.
I'm not truly afraid of much, but I am still scared to fly.


lindsey said...

If you're going to the Keys, stay at Tranquility Bay. Seriously AWESOME. Get the place with the balcony off the master bedroom. SERIOUSLY, YOU WILL LOVE IT.

The Bikinator said...

Just don't go to Mexico. George caught a parasite there while we were on our honeymoon. The hospital kept him for 3 days and we missed our flight home. The resort wouldn't make amends in any way.

I boycott third world countries!

Florida is an excellent choice. Warm, sunny, and much safer! I hope you guys have an awesome trip... and an awesome wedding!

Kim said...

Thanks for the suggestions and advice, ladies...
I am counting the days!!