Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Morning

Maybe I'll venture out for some wedding shoes today...
That's what girls do when they can't hit the trails, right?
The boys are at a birthday party in Hell at Bounce-U, so I am easing into this quiet morning with a huge cup of tea.
9:30am (!) revelry at an indoor inflatable playground after a sleepless night? Go ahead without me, boys...please. And thank you.
I'm sad to miss a ride with one of my favorite people today, but nothing says cheer up quite like a purposeful mission to acquire wildly cute shoes.
Nordstrom, I need you and I'll see you soon.
Happy Saturday.  

the sunlight falling into my house at this hour sure looks like springtime...just sayin.

This day 2011 "All bouncers must wear socks" ...sorry, Cami, I'm taking a pass this year

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