Friday, February 17, 2012


Max and I have matching Adventure Time shirts...and look, my hair is getting long
This is me not being cute the day after Valentine's Day recovering from a minor procedure which left me, um, out of commission in the romance department.
Sometimes being a woman is awesome (childbirth...woot).
Sometimes being a woman sucks (spending Valentine's Day with your legs in the stirrups as a biopsy is taken of your inner female nether regions...again, ugh).
I've been dealing with this for several years and I try not to let it scare me or get me down, but it's a bummer.
I am being proactive about my health and I want to be around for a long, long time to see my son grow up and have kids of his own...I want to be somebody's wife for longer than seven years.
I want to see this one through...that's all. doctor was very thorough and reassuring and I left the office feeling completely wiped out, but confident that everything will indeed be fine.

Trust me, I'd rather post about a ride, too.


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