Friday, March 30, 2012

"at least your face is fine..."

We prefaced our ride with disclaimers like,
"I was going to bail, I was hoping you would bail...I could have stayed home and drank coffee all morning..."
"Let's just have a happy ride...a happy Friday ride."
"Right...I'm not trying to bust open my knee or something the week before the wedding."

Well, we all know how useful those disclaimers are...don't we?
For what it's worth, it was a fun, happy, low-key ride...the pace was perfect, neither of us were struggling or hammering or pushing each other.
We were flying down that hill, but I was in control...
It's probably one of the only sections of trail over there where you can totally let's straight and free of roots or obstacles or any technical features...just a stretch of beautiful, fast hardpack singletrack.
I remember seeing a flat rock flip up and maybe it hit my pedal and launched me...who knows?
It's happened to all of us and it sucks when it does.
I feel bad for having to call my mom and cancel our lunch date.
"Don't be mad at me...I crashed on my bike. I'm fine, but I think I have to get checked out."
I know what she was thinking and I give her credit for being kind and biting her tongue.  

I wasn't even going to go to the ER...
I called my family doctor because I couldn't raise my right arm and because I broke my helmet...
I never launched quite like that before and I certainly never crashed going that fast.
I was worried because I was knocked unconscious, only for seconds, but still...
I was worried when I saw how far I was from the trail and I was worried when I saw Susan looking at me and saying, "Just stay still."
I was worried that I scratched up my face or that I'd be in a sling with my wedding dress...

So, yeah, I was worried.

My doctor insisted that I go to the ER, so that's where I spent my Friday afternoon.
Everything is fine...nothing broken, nothing serious...just a(nother) concussion, some bruised ribs, lots of scrapes/bumps/bruises all over my body, and a very concerned/loving fiance.
I'm going to look so hot on the beach.

A few days ago, a coworker relayed her wedding horror story to me.
The day before her nuptials on the beautiful island of Anguilla, she and her fiance went on a little cliff diving adventure.
As she climbed up the cliff, a giant wave smacked her into the rock face and she fractured her nose and had cuts all over her face and body (not to mention two black eyes the following day). Luckily, her husband is a professional photographer and was able to photoshop her face in all the wedding pictures, but jeez...
"So, what you're saying is, I should stick to pedicures and leisurely strolls until the big day?" I joked.

I bought a lottery ticket tonight...I was feeling lucky that it could have been so much worse.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

eight+ years of this already

My dad & I took a particularly dry and dusty tour of Marsh Creek this afternoon.
On the last descent before heading home, I got a little carried away and nearly stopped myself short with my face and a tree...luckily, my shoulder took the brunt of it instead and I barely even bruised. Could've made for some pretty spectacular stitches (and wedding photos)...sometimes the near-misses shake me more than the actual crashes.
My dad took a friend climbing over at his old stomping grounds, Birdsboro, yesterday...
"You know, I used a little more caution...don't want to be hobbling down the trail on your wedding day," he said.
No sh*t, BP...phew.

Sometimes I take for it for granted, what I'm actually doing as I'm putting myself  and a piece of equipment through the paces.
Pushing hard,  going fast and giving myself over almost completely to a pair of wheels and some disc brakes.
But, there are also the years of experience that allow me to give myself over to the ride trust the bike and trust myself and just let it roll, so to speak.
It's pretty satisfying to keep chipping away at getting better at something after eight+ years and  not be the slightest bit bored or turned off by it.
Just sayin.

Thursday, March 22, 2012's what insomniacs do

I woke up at 3:30am and didn't go back to sleep.
After waiting an hour, I decided to get out of bed...that was it for the night.
At 5, I made pancakes.
From scratch.
I thought it'd be nice for Bill & Max to wake up to pancakes on a Thursday morning.
I'm just a mess these past few days, with no reasonable explanation.
Work has been particularly hectic this week, which should make for effortless sleep...
Instead, I spend most of the night with my mind racing...restless.

I can't get over all the pink trees, all the stuff in bloom.
Makes it hard to be inside on days like this.

I'm beginning to wonder why I thought it was a good idea to plan a wedding in the woods in April...
If one more person says, "April Showers,"...
It's easy to pretend I'm not going to stress about the things I can't control, like the weather.

Today looks like another good day to get on a bike...


Saturday, March 17, 2012

a week off

st. germaine, gin, club soda, rosemary, orange slice, crushed ice

keep it classy

bridal shower card made by my friend, Amy

gathering glassware and vessels for spring flowers at the reception 
Our office was closed for the week and I took full advantage of the beautiful weather...
With six solid days on the bike (and two long rides on the single), I feel pretty confident about upcoming Singlespeedpalooza (at one of my favorite race destinations, Stewart State Forest).
Who am I kidding?
I'm not thinking about racing at all right now...
I'm thinking about walking down the aisle trail.
I'm thinking about finding a cute swimsuit for the honeymoon.
I'm thinking about sunny beaches and cotton dresses and sandals.
I'm thinking about how grateful I am for all the encouragement and support we've been blessed with along the way from our amazing friends.
I'm thinking about the lovely women I am privileged to work with every day and the over-the-top bachelorette/shower festivities they surprised me with the other night.
I'm thinking about the thoughtful sentiments and words of kindness we keep hearing and it all makes me blush and feel humbled. 
I'm thinking about getting married.
To Bill.

With three weeks to go, it pretty much consumes my every thought.
It's like Christmas Eve night after night after night...

So, yeah, I rode French Creek two ways, two days...
I hit Middle Run/White Clay both Wednesday and today...
I looped through Harmony Hill a couple times and also managed to sneak in a few hikes with friends...
It's been an active week, but racing is the furthest thing from my mind.
I've been having the most fun on the trails lately than I have in a long time...acquiring fitness and feeling confident about the season ahead is a bonus.     

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


This weather is a lot more conducive to long hours riding in the woods than blogging...
Have a great day!

Saturday, March 10, 2012


My dad and I don't ride trails together nearly as much as we used to...
These days he's all about tuning up for the local spring classics, which means many hours on the road.
Many, many hours...
Yesterday, I persuaded him to get out on the mountain bike for a morning spin at Dtown.
I must be doing something right because he mumbled something about a speed workout as we headed home.

kid, you're killing me Part II

I sent him to school with a concussion.
What was that he said about being really good at being a mom?
So good I thought ice and children's advil and a super-watchful eye through the night was enough.
It's not, apparently...
Parents...if your kid slams their noggin on the pavement, get them to the doc.
Or at least call the doc.
Even if they only cry for a minute and insist on running back outside so as to not miss out on any more excitement with their buddies.
Even if their pupils are fine and their gait is fine and their appetite is fine...
Even if they wake up bright & early in great spirits cheering for Fridaaaay (!)...

While at the pediatrician this afternoon, my kid told the doc just how great Fridays are at school ("We get to, like, do whatever we want for pretty much a whole hour when we get to school and we get a soft pretzel every Friday") I guess he held out on admitting he felt queasy or had a "weird headache" til after pretzels?
Is this the thought process of a first-grader who is undecided about making the trek to the nurse's office?

In any case, I should thank the school nurse for saving me from myself...she called while I was wielding that goofy scanner at Target upon being politely informed by my sister-in-law that my registry was "weak" and I needed to "add stuff."

I'm so clueless.
And I feel weird about soliciting innocent family & friends via a registry for random household goods just because we're getting married.
On the other hand, I don't want to hear that bullsh*t about wasn't she married already before?
Cause guess what? Bill wasn't.
And we'd sure like a new cake stand! and sheets! and wine glasses!

So, yeah, my adventure in Target was cut short thanks to a call from the school nurse.

Really good at being a mom.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

kid, you're killing me...

"Do you like being a mom?"
"I love it. Why?"
"Cause you're really good at it."
Maybe it's the stomach bug that's been consuming me for nearly forty-eight hours, maybe it's the steady diet of nothing due to said bug, but this little sentiment nearly brings me to tears.
I say nothing for a second...waiting for him to follow with, "Can we go to Toys R Us tomorrow?" or "Can I have a brownie?" (yes, he would consider this a reasonable request in bed inching toward nine o'clock on a school night...he's seven, duh)
"Thanks, Max."
He's fast asleep, *clunk*, head against the wall...  

Sunday, March 4, 2012

clean up

What is that saying...many hands make light work or something?
Or many cookies and a few brews make light work?
Anyway..if we approached our own yard work like this, we'd be the envy of our neighbors.

The venue looks amazing.
We cleaned up a bunch of dead brush and thorns and trash while preserving the natural beauty that drew us there in the first place.
Well done, friends...thank you!


Friday, March 2, 2012

five weeks

Wedding day trail work happens this weekend...
Our friends (near and, Texas far) & families have been so supportive and helpful as we put together the big day.

 Very grateful and quite blown away, actually.