Friday, March 30, 2012

"at least your face is fine..."

We prefaced our ride with disclaimers like,
"I was going to bail, I was hoping you would bail...I could have stayed home and drank coffee all morning..."
"Let's just have a happy ride...a happy Friday ride."
"Right...I'm not trying to bust open my knee or something the week before the wedding."

Well, we all know how useful those disclaimers are...don't we?
For what it's worth, it was a fun, happy, low-key ride...the pace was perfect, neither of us were struggling or hammering or pushing each other.
We were flying down that hill, but I was in control...
It's probably one of the only sections of trail over there where you can totally let's straight and free of roots or obstacles or any technical features...just a stretch of beautiful, fast hardpack singletrack.
I remember seeing a flat rock flip up and maybe it hit my pedal and launched me...who knows?
It's happened to all of us and it sucks when it does.
I feel bad for having to call my mom and cancel our lunch date.
"Don't be mad at me...I crashed on my bike. I'm fine, but I think I have to get checked out."
I know what she was thinking and I give her credit for being kind and biting her tongue.  

I wasn't even going to go to the ER...
I called my family doctor because I couldn't raise my right arm and because I broke my helmet...
I never launched quite like that before and I certainly never crashed going that fast.
I was worried because I was knocked unconscious, only for seconds, but still...
I was worried when I saw how far I was from the trail and I was worried when I saw Susan looking at me and saying, "Just stay still."
I was worried that I scratched up my face or that I'd be in a sling with my wedding dress...

So, yeah, I was worried.

My doctor insisted that I go to the ER, so that's where I spent my Friday afternoon.
Everything is fine...nothing broken, nothing serious...just a(nother) concussion, some bruised ribs, lots of scrapes/bumps/bruises all over my body, and a very concerned/loving fiance.
I'm going to look so hot on the beach.

A few days ago, a coworker relayed her wedding horror story to me.
The day before her nuptials on the beautiful island of Anguilla, she and her fiance went on a little cliff diving adventure.
As she climbed up the cliff, a giant wave smacked her into the rock face and she fractured her nose and had cuts all over her face and body (not to mention two black eyes the following day). Luckily, her husband is a professional photographer and was able to photoshop her face in all the wedding pictures, but jeez...
"So, what you're saying is, I should stick to pedicures and leisurely strolls until the big day?" I joked.

I bought a lottery ticket tonight...I was feeling lucky that it could have been so much worse.


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Merry*Death on a Bike said...

Thank goodness you didn't break anything! Hopefully the lottery ticket will work out!