Saturday, March 24, 2012

eight+ years of this already

My dad & I took a particularly dry and dusty tour of Marsh Creek this afternoon.
On the last descent before heading home, I got a little carried away and nearly stopped myself short with my face and a tree...luckily, my shoulder took the brunt of it instead and I barely even bruised. Could've made for some pretty spectacular stitches (and wedding photos)...sometimes the near-misses shake me more than the actual crashes.
My dad took a friend climbing over at his old stomping grounds, Birdsboro, yesterday...
"You know, I used a little more caution...don't want to be hobbling down the trail on your wedding day," he said.
No sh*t, BP...phew.

Sometimes I take for it for granted, what I'm actually doing as I'm putting myself  and a piece of equipment through the paces.
Pushing hard,  going fast and giving myself over almost completely to a pair of wheels and some disc brakes.
But, there are also the years of experience that allow me to give myself over to the ride trust the bike and trust myself and just let it roll, so to speak.
It's pretty satisfying to keep chipping away at getting better at something after eight+ years and  not be the slightest bit bored or turned off by it.
Just sayin.

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